And the Band Plays On…

In my previous entries, I explained how excited I was to be taking courses that will help me become certified: twice, even! I also spoke of my landlord being a pain, which I’m sure anyone that’s ever had a landlord can relate to. Her unwelcome visit and excessive contacts meant that my learning progress was stalled, which I’m not thrilled about. However, that’s finally over with, and I can continue on with my life as I was. Time to hit the books, so to speak!

Now that I’ve got lots of time on my hands again, I’m getting ready to take the deep dive into my work again, and I couldn’t be more happy. I felt like life was on pause. A severe case of anxiety mixed with the whole thing with my landlord took it’s toll on me. I feel much better now, and I’m ready to resume my learning and step closer toward my goal of acquiring a job in Social Media Marketing.

As for my work as a Content Creator, I’ve currently secured two very promising jobs, one of which I hope will lead to a long-term relationship with the brand. I’m always looking for work, so it’s nice to have a couple of gigs locked down while I’m looking for more.

Currently, I’m awaiting the delivery of a package of products from a very well known Korean skincare brand called Haruharu Wonder. Surprisingly, I didn’t need to negotiate with them at all, because they offered to pay, which is rare, and they just so happened to offer a rate that I’m not only comfortable with but one that I typically charge for this type of work anyway. I was extremely happy when they offered me a wage instead of going through the whole negotiation process, which can often make or break a deal completely. I’ll be doing an unboxing video for them on Instagram, using my skills in photography to create a static or carousel post, and I’ll include a few Instagram stories, switch was requested, but I’d have done for them anyway, as it’s a great way to create extra reach. They’ve requested that I post my video to TikTok, as well, for which I’d typically ask for the rate to increase, but I said ok, because I feel that I could really create a long-term relationship with Haruharu with a show of good will.

The second job I’ve secured, the name of the brand escapes me at this moment, is for a micro needling product. These are products, or “tools,” that are used in skincare but aren’t entirely mainstream. My audience will be enticed and intrigued to see the video tutorial that I create for them both on Instagram and YouTube. I’ll include Instagram stories, as well, plus a static post, because I just love photography! For these services, we’ve agreed to a rate of $200. This is lower than my normal rates, but I know that my audience will like this product, so I’m ok with going a little bit lower.

I’m very excited to have at least 2 jobs nailed down, looking for more work, and getting ready to get back into my studies on a more fullterm basis. My next entry will include more information about these projects. For now, it’s time for me to get to work!